C's Story

Please read and celebrate this client's testimony for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and how it transformed one life for the better.


I wasn’t sure what Equine Therapy was or what to expect from participating. After the first session I was amazed by how standing with the horses in the pasture and interacting or just observing their interactions with me and each other brought such real, tangible, and instant feedback on my own state of mind and on relationship dynamics.


I found Jennifer to be calm, confident, insightful, and skilled as a horse handler and an LMFT (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist). After my 4th session (7 sessions in the program), the lessons I’ve learned from observing and interacting with the horses have taught me volumes about communication, awareness, self-regulation, negotiation, and relationships. I have found this program design isn’t focusing specifically on today’s challenge, but about gaining tools for all challenges.


We all need tools to navigate our way physically and emotionally through the ups and downs of life. The ups and downs are dynamic; the tools are a constant. Often we think of tools for fixing things that are broken, but tools are also used for creating wonderful, beautiful, and useful things. Who knew spending one hour, in a sunny field, with a therapist and 2 horses, could be so life changing? … Jennifer knew, and for that I am forever grateful.