Two days ago, with the permission of her mother, I sat down to write a story about

a little girl named Dorothy and her time with me and Shrinky Dink. When the tale

was complete, I told a story of inspiration and perseverance. I truly feel Dorothy is

an angel who was sent to The Equine Healing Collaborative to reassure us that the

work we do matters. Although she never uttered these words, they came across in

the massive hug her small frame gave me when we last met (according to her

mother I am one of three who have ever been blessed to hug Dorothy in this way).

I felt her tiny hand patting my back as she hugged me as if to say, “It’s okay, just don’t give up.” And as of late, I have felt like giving up often.


With the weight of a million tons tonight, I sit down to write a different more complete tale; one I did not expect. When I arrived at the barn tonight, I walked past Shrinky's stall, only to find him lying down, with labored breathing, sweating, and a look of tiny despair. We determined it was time to guide Shrink through the final stages of this life and let him go.




And so we did.



I have come to a place though this

process where I now believe in magic,

miracles, and a life force that guides us

through, and although I have attempted

to rationalize and find a concrete  

explanation for how horses heal - I still do not know.


Here is what I am most certain of, I realized this morning as I was pondering the story of Dorothy and what I had penned to paper, at no time did it occur to me to tell my readers of Dorothy’s challenges. It is as if they melted from my consciousness when I replayed our time with Shrinky.

When Dorothy was in the presence of Shrinky, any barriers she may face disappeared and her soul and light shone in ways that made her glow, and it appeared as if her tiny feet floated across the rough terrain of the barn. She and Shrinky together were the purest form of beauty I have ever been witness to, and for that, I thanked Shrinky as he let go of this life under a slighty cloud covered moonlit night.

 I Believe in Angels